Smoky Spice Pack
Smoky Spice Pack

Smoky Spice Pack

***10 max per order

Smoky & Hot, But Not HOT Hot. 

This blend yields a wonderfully smoky salsa with some heat; but not as hot as our HOT.  Our in-house Chipotle seasoning blend combined with just enough of our in-house Habanero blend brings just enough kick to keep you addicted and licking the empty bowl!  (*formerly 2525)

Each Spice Pack is one batch. Each batch is 2 pints/1 quart.  

Pulse the following ingredients for fresh Crack Salsa whenever you want:

1 Spice Pack

1 28oz Can of Diced Tomatoes

1 Jalapeno

1/8c Lime juice

10 Stalks of cilantro

**Don't over pulse!!