*Is there really Crack in your salsa?
        No, silly.
*Why did you name it Crack Salsa?
       Actually, I didn't, my highly addicted customers did! In the beginning, I was only selling it to a few friends and family. Then, I needed to raise $1000 for a deductible for foot surgery, so it was suggested I offer it to more people. I sold $700 in one week and so many new #Addicts were created. They jokingly started calling it 'CRACK Salsa'. So, I started a Facebook page to be funny, and the rest is history. 
*How much does one Spice Pack make?
      Each Spice Pack is one batch. Each batch makes 2 pints/ 1 quart.  
*Is it best to eat right away, or wait?
     After much experimentation, I discovered it hits optimal heat and flavor on day 3! Not that you can wait that long to eat it.  I recommend making 2 batches. One to eat right away, and the other to let chill in the fridge for 3 days. 
*Can I buy Crack Salsa Spice Packs in stores?
       Not yet! With many locations still closed or limited in capacity due to Covid -19, we are only selling online. However, as restrictions are lifted, I plan to start sampling and selling again at local breweries and at your local farmers markets! Have a suggestion or contact of a place to sell Crack Salsa Spice Packs? Email CrackSalsa@gmail.com 
*I have heard you may be starting a non-profit fundraising program soon?
    True! More details to be coming soon. Email CrackSalsa@gmail.com if you're super interested and maybe you can be one of my first #AddictedToGiving recipients!