Is there really Crack in your salsa?


Why did you name it Crack Salsa?

       We didn't, our highly addicted customers did!

How much does one Spice Pack make?

      Each Spice Pack is one batch. Each batch makes 2 pints/ 1 quart.  

Is it best to eat right away, or wait?

     After much experimentation, we discovered it hits optimal heat and flavor on day 3! Not that you can wait that long to eat it.  We recommend making 2 batches. One to eat right away, and the other to let chill in the fridge for 3 days. 

Can I buy Crack Salsa Spice Packs in stores?

       Not yet! With many locations still closed or limited in capacity due to Covid -19, we are only selling online. However, as restrictions are lifted, we plan to start sampling and selling again at local breweries and at your local farmers markets! Have a suggestion or contact of a place to sell Crack Salsa Spice Packs? Email CrackSalsa@gmail.com 

I have heard you may be starting a non-profit fundraising program soon?

    True! More details to be coming soon. Email CrackSalsa@gmail.com if you're super interested and maybe you can be one of our first #AddictedToGiving recipients!